2017|2018 PROGRAMS

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

DesNet Annual Business Meeting

6:00 pm

Sweet Bay Gardens

9801 Stafford Road, Chagrin Falls 44023

It's that time again... time for us to meet, greet, eat, and get an update on where DesNet is heading in the coming year!


Thanks to Karen Colini for graciously offering to hostess our meeting. Pizza will be served. Please contribute to our evening with a snack, salad, dessert, beverage or bottle of wine. Karen said it's okay to arrive around 5:30 pm if you wish!

Although it sounds like Karen is "way out in the country," she is exactly six miles east of the triangle in downtown Chagrin Falls. If you're uncertain about making the drive alone, contact another member and carpool.


There is plenty of parking at the intersection of East Washington Street and Chillicothe Road (State Route 306) at various commercial businesses (Heinen's, Drug Mart Plaza, etc). From that intersection, Karen is about five minutes away.

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