2017|2018 PROGRAMS

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Landscape Challenges and Design in Southwest Florida | Rain Gardens


Presenter: Marjorie Appleby, author, landscape designer, former DesNet member

9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Gates Mills Environmental Education Center

390 County Line Road, Gates Mills 44040

Meeting Activities

  9:00 am -- Networking and refreshments

10:00 am -- Presentation

12:00 pm -- Potluck lunch; please bring a dish to share

  1:00 pm -- Book signing; evergreen exchange

Members are invited to help keep everyone's creativity stoked by exchanging holiday decorations. Please bring evergreen boughs, interesting seed heads, dried hydrangea flowers, rose hips, ornamental grass seed heads/plumes, and other materials to share. 

Presentation Topics

  • Fresh water lakes and ponds

  • Plant materials for shorescaping and water retention

  • Adapting Zone 5-6 plant material adapted to Zone 10A-B

  • Responding to environmental changes with plants that are both rainy season and drought tolerant

  • Using rain gardens to manage standing water in any state

  • Unusual design requests

In addition to her vast expertise in landscape design, Marjorie has also published the "Whisper Mystery Trilogy."  A book signing will be held with the opportunity to purchase books at the meeting.

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