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Karen Colini Horticulture Scholarship Fund


The Design Network has established a scholarship fund in honor of our long time member Karen Robbins Colini, who passed away in late summer of 2021.  For decades Karen actively created beautiful gardens for others enjoyment.  An inspiration and mentor to many people over the course of her career, Karen never missed an opportunity to share her love of the garden and deep appreciation for the diversity of nature. 


We would like to share with you some of Karen's horticultural interests and tenants.  During our networking discussions, Karen would refer to how nature works without human interference, and how if humans could follow nature's lead, the outcome for all would be positive.  She practiced thoughtful environmental stewardship. This included the use of native plants, diversity of plantings, educating homeowners, and integrating functional plants into the home landscape.  Karen would also share tidbits of knowledge that were related to floraculture, dahlias, medicinal herbs, or plants used to create colorful dyes.  Her knowledge and special interest of the history and function of plants during different eras were a delight to hear!  She helped people see and enjoy the aesthetics of nature, thereby fostering an appreciation of horticulture as a path to improving mental health.  These topics were all close to Karen’s heart and will guide us when awarding this scholarship.


This memorial scholarship was created in 2021/2022 to honor and remember our friend by supporting future gardeners with passions similar to hers.  We would like to honor Karen’s life work by offering financial assistance to an individual dedicated to improving their community through horticulture or a related discipline.  Preference will be given to applicants that embrace Karen’s ideals.  We hope in this way, the beauty and knowledge she brought into this world will continue to flourish.

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