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Trowel & Spade Gardening Services, LLC

8778 Sumner Road

Chardon, OH 44024



  • Years in Green Industry: 9


  • A lifetime of gardening

  • Working side-by-side with talented and skilled landscape designers

Specialties & Services

  • Landscape Design

  • Landscape Installation & Maintenance

  • ‎Water (Gardens / Features / Rain Gardens / Drainage & Irrigation)‎

  • Specialty Services

  • ‎Speaker

  • Horticulturist‎



I work with Megan Davidson, fellow DesNet member and owner of Trowel and Spade Gardening Services. We combine our personal skills and expertise to provide a variety of gardening services that are personalized to your needs.

We provide horticultural consultation as well as garden design installation and care. We bring to you an extensive knowledge of perennial and annual plants.

From basic care to garden renovations, let us help you bring your garden to its fullest potential.

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