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2018|2019 PROGRAMS

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Wreath/Swag Workshop | Network Discussion

6:15 pm

8330 Stoney Brook Drive, Chagrin Falls 44023

What to Bring

  • A dish to share for the potluck

  • Wire wreath frame

  • Wire and wire cutters

  • Greens to share

  • Ribbon and desired decorations

  • Any extra supplies and materials to share

Program is free for DesNet members

Guests: $5 each (Check only; make payable to The Design Network)

RSVP by November 10th

Join us for a fun and informative evening in the company of fellow DesNet members. The evening begins with a potluck dinner at 6:15 pm.

Please RSVP even if you cannot make it. If you can, please let us know what dish you're bringing to the potluck and what topic you'd like to discuss with the group. Example: I am bringing a squash dish, and I would like to know which annuals performed well (or didn't) in everyone's container gardens this year.

This is a great opportunity to share our collective wisdom and creativity with each other. Don't miss it!

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